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This nostalgic collage is crafted on a base of Baltic Birch and is titled, “Wargames”, echoing back to the 1980’s movie starring Mathew Broderick.  This work is composed from game pieces drawn from all the strategy games we played as children.  You can find game parts from Risk and Axis & Allies that ring a center composed of Chinese throwing stars on a field of clouds.  The outer ring is made of brass jacketed 9mm rounds which have no powder making them a stunning border that is safe to hang on your wall. Notice the brass rivets that ring the border evoking a nautical port window. I hunt for unique pieces from the past and assemble them into complex collages of texture and color creating “Nostalgic Art.” Although many pieces are vintage, others I create by hand at my Baltimore studio. Each piece is positioned strategically to create a pattern that draws the work together. Planning takes several months for a new design. Assembly begins in the center and I work outward with construction taking place over several weeks.  This piece is not sealed in resin opening it up to allow you to feel the textures as you trace your fingers over the different pieces for both a visual and tactile experience. Each work of art is handcrafted and, although they may appear similar, no two works are exactly alike making each a unique statement for your surroundings.

Wargames 22"

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