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This Delaware themed nostalgic collage is crafted on a base of Baltic Birch and is titled, “Rehoboth Blues”.  It is composed of hundreds of items that are iconic from the Delmarva region.  The view as we walk down the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk forms the center of the work surrounded by eateries from Dewey and Rehoboth Beaches.  Pieces such as Rehoboth street signs, Funland tickets, Thrashers Fries and Jolly Trolley are meant to evoke memories of summer nights walking the boardwalk. I hunt for unique pieces from the past and assemble them into complex collages of texture and color creating “Nostalgic Art.” Although many pieces are vintage, others I create by hand. Each piece is positioned strategically to create a pattern that draws the work together. Planning takes several months for a new design. Assembly begins in the center and I work outward with construction taking place over several weeks. The completed pattern is then sealed using multi-layer epoxy resin, which creates shimmer and protects the work.  The resin also allows you to trace your fingers over the different textures, for both a visual and tactile experience. Each work of art is handcrafted and, although they may appear similar, no two works are exactly alike making each a unique statement for your surroundings.

Rehoboth Blues 36.5"

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