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This Yoga themed nostalgic collage is crafted on a base of Baltic Birch and is titled, “Namaste.’ In Sanskrit the word “mandala” means circle and the repeating shapes and colors are meant to calm the mind and help achieve a meditative state. This work features several common yoga poses to include savasana, sukhasnaI, and dhanurasana (bow pose). For this work I created all the pieces by hand and selected calming colors. Each piece is positioned strategically to create a pattern that draws the work together. Planning takes several months for a new design. Assembly begins in the center and I work outward with construction taking place over several weeks.  This piece is not sealed in resin opening it up to allow you to feel the textures as you trace your fingers over the different pieces for both a visual and tactile experience. Each work of art is handcrafted and, although they may appear similar, no two works are exactly alike making each a unique statement for your surroundings. 

Namaste 29"

SKU: Y01
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