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This nostalgic collage is crafted on a base of Baltic Birch and is titled, “Drive by”. It is anchored by a speedometer from a 1939 Ford Mercury.  A center gear of Baltic Birch evokes the feel of a vintage wooden dashboard with embedded toggle switches. It is ringed by Ampol petrol trading cards from the mid-1950’s, fuel gauges and matchbox cars.   I hunt for unique pieces from the past and assemble them into complex collages of texture and color creating  “Nostalgic Art.” Although many pieces are vintage, others I create by hand at the Baltimore Foundery. Each piece is positioned strategically to create a pattern that draws the work together. Planning takes several months for a new design. Assembly begins in the center and I work outward with construction taking place over several weeks. The completed pattern is then sealed using multi-layer epoxy resin, which creates shimmer and protects the work.  The resin also allows you to trace your fingers over the different textures, for both a visual and tactile experience. Each work of art is handcrafted and, although they may appear similar, no two works are exactly alike making each a unique statement for your surroundings.

Drive by 32.5"

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