Baltimore Themed Mandala

Title: Be-More

Date of Construction: Jan 4, 2018


This 29 inch diameter collage is titled, “Be-More.’ It is composed of hundreds of items that are iconic from Charm City Baltimore.  The center eye serves as the anchor of the piece and it is the iconic “Natty Bo” symbol from National Bohemian beer. It is surrounded by Maryland flags and crabs.  In Baltimore, having beer and crabs, seasoned with Old Bay from the McCormick Spice Company, is a long-held tradition.  Pieces included in this work represent regional themes such as horse racing, the flagship university of the state, the University of Maryland, and the iconic Domino Sugars plant, from the heart of Locust Point, Baltimore. The work is created on a foundation of Baltic Birch and pieces are hand made by laser cutting and staining. Each carefully crafted piece is carefully positioned to create an overall pattern that draws the work together to be pleasing to the eye.  The items are meticulously placed with industrial-grade adhesive, with the construction beginning in the center and working outward to the final, outer edge. The construction process takes place over several weeks. The completed pattern is then sealed using four coats of epoxy resin, which creates a shimmer and protects the work.  The resin allows the work to be fully appreciated both visually and tactfully, as one can safely experience the texture of the individual pieces by tracing a finger over the hundreds of different textured pieces. This work is a beautiful way to inspire and calm your essential spaces.


Be More

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